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Diamond Turning Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) plays a key role in nearly all of our polymer optics programs. Whether itís prototyping, tooling inserts, pilot production, or some combination of the three, diamond turning is a fundamental part of our development process. At Diverse Optics, we diamond turn some of the most challenging optical elements with complex forms and shapes in-house. Our expert engineers will transform your ideas into fully functional optical elements in just a few short weeks. And when your idea takes off and you're ready to make hundreds, thousands, or even millions of units, we can do that too. Learn more
  • Ultra precision diamond turned plastic optics
  • Complex geometry - aspheric, free form, off-axis & more
  • Rapid prototypes for proof of concept & system performance
  • Pilot production (short run) to test market acceptance
  • Precision diamond turning for injection molds & mirrors
Wherever progressive optical engineers are pushing the boundaries of traditional optics, you will find Diverse Opticsí products. Our polymer optics are widely used in medical, defense & aerospace, and commercial / industrial markets to improve performance and the bottom line.
Diverse Optics offers a wide range of polymer optics manufacturing services from prototype to production.
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