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Injection Molding At Diverse Optics, injection molding is our specialty. We were founded as an optics molding company and today we continue the tradition by offering unmatched polymer optics processing expertise. When your design defies conventional injection molding design rules, look no further than the processing engineers at Diverse Optics to find the solution. Sure, we use the fundamentals like Taguchi Design of Experiment (DOE), Window Processing, and Decoupled (Scientific) Molding, but we also layer in over 20 years of our own secret sauce to guarantee your molded optics thousands of them are functional works of art. Learn more
  • High volume series production
  • Integration of optical and mechanical functionality
  • Consistent part-to-part repeatability
  • High precision to cost ratio
  • Rapid production of precision polymer optics
TOOLING Let's face it, optics molding is different than typical injection molding alot different. The same can be said about optics tooling it's quite a bit different than traditional commodity injection tooling. When you're working with optical prescription irregularity tolerances in millionths of an inch, and your customers expect total perfection shot after shot, then your injection molds have to be precise.
Wherever progressive optical engineers are pushing the boundaries of traditional optics, you will find Diverse Optics' products. Our polymer optics are widely used in medical, defense & aerospace, and commercial / industrial markets to improve performance and the bottom line.
Diverse Optics offers a wide range of polymer optics manufacturing services from prototype to production.
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